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On June 16, 2016 MARTI FARM  successfully completed certification process according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard

Marti Farm Ltd, company based in Zagreb, Croatia, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive package of regulatory affairs services and consulting services to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies


We are a trusted partner to companies that value smart resource management, helping them to be focused on their business goals while acquiring value-added high quality services.

We help you to have all medicinal regulatory affairs taken care of on the market where Marti Farm has strong presence and local expertise (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia.

We guarantee our partners and clients that all services hired will be carried out successfully, on time and will bring added value to their organizations.

With our support, you save the time and associated expenses  to bridge the gap between the regulated and the regulators and ultimately provide faster and safer service to patients.

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A word from the Director

A word from the Director

 Health is the biggest, but also the most vulnerable treasure each person can possess. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to know how to keep it.

Marti Farm and its partners are proud to help achieve this goal by introducing to our regional markets effective modern drugs, medical products and services at appropriate prices for the benefit of all.


Martina Diminić Smetiško

Marti Farm LLC



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